Governing Council

Our Governing Council is here to help set and monitor the direction of our site

Governing councils work with the principal to help set and monitor the direction of a site.

The Governing Council is the governing body of the school. All parents are eligible to be members of the Governing Council. An AGM is held in the 1st term, and all parents are encouraged to attend. At this meeting, parents are elected onto council and must agree to an appropriate criminal history screening. Being on Governing Council provides parents with the opportunity to have a say in school decision making. Governing Council meets twice a term.

The role of the council includes:

  • Establishing vision and direction
  • Setting priorities
  • Strategic and budget planning
  • Human resource planning
  • Facilities planning and oversight
  • Evaluation and accountability
  • Policy development and approval
  • Other functions as designated by the minister

  Members of the Myponga Primary School Governing Council include:

  • 7 Elected Parents (two year terms)
  • 2 Community Representative (two year terms)
  • 1 Affiliated Committees Representative (two year term)
  • 1 Principal
  • 1 Staff Representative

For further information, see DfE.